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SELinux Symposium Delegate Program - James Morris
October 12th, 2005
03:42 pm


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SELinux Symposium Delegate Program
Red Hat and HP are sponsoring a delegate program for the 2006 SELinux Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Modeled somewhat on the Sun Regional Developer Program for LCA, the purpose of this program is to recognize and encourage community-based SELinux efforts. Up to three delegates will be chosen to attend the symposium, covering the costs of their travel, registration and accommodation.

If you know anyone who's been doing good work on SELinux (including yourself), follow the link below and nominate them.

Note that this is not just for developers: any form of involvement, including helping out on mailing lists, documentation, academic research, user group efforts etc. is valid for nomination in this program. The closing date for nominations is November 30, 2005, so there's still quite a bit of time.

Full details of the SELinux Symposium Delegate Program here.

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