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SELinux Developer Summit 2009 - date set - James Morris
May 27th, 2009
07:46 am


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SELinux Developer Summit 2009 - date set
SELinux logo

The date for the 2009 SELinux Developer Summit has been set for Sunday 20th September, and it will be held as an ancillary event of LinuxCon in Portland.

This is a pre-announcement so that people who are thinking of attending LinuxCon and/or Plumbers Conference can take advantage of the first level of early registration for LinuxCon, which ends June 1st (this Monday).

A full announcement for the SELinux developer summit with a CfP will follow shortly.

p.s. I maintain an Identica (an open Twitter-like service) account for more regular and briefer notes: http://identi.ca/jamesm . You can subscribe via RSS or simply get an account like all the cool kids.

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